My name is Alexandra and I welcome you in the amazing world of massage, health and wellness. I love people and I am a highly skilled certified massage therapist (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, etc) with years of experience both in Kefalonia and French Riviera. I also have a Master Degree in Psychology and I have chosen the best massage techniques and psychology of caring and altruism to provide you with a unique and complete experience of well-being on both physical and emotional level.

High quality work was always very important for me, so I would like to turn your holiday at the seaside in an unforgettable experience, giving you full relaxation away from everyday worries, using the best professional massage oils, carefully chosen spa music and aromatherapy candles.

Massage sessions are not only about techniques. I like to build warm relationships and full of trust by being nonjudgmental, reliable and supportive with all my clients. One of the most relaxing and healing aspect of a series of massage therapy sessions, especially in the longer term, is a good communication and relationship between the massage therapist and the client. I kindly invite you to tell me about your feelings and your thinking during the massage session and how does your body feel the days after. That’s the way I can offer you a great massage experience especially tailored for your unique needs and wishes regarding your health care and well-being.

I am always looking forward to bringing you smiles, happiness and vitality from one week to another, from one massage session to the next. It’s a fulfillment for me guiding you through the wonderful realm of benefits to your body and your mind.

Until the next appointment, I wish you all the best and magic days in the beautiful Island of Kefalonia.
Kind regards,