Prices for Argostoli and Lassi area

Deep tissue (45’ / 60’ / 90′ – 40€ / 55€ /75€)- is a healing treatment for sedentary people, aimed for releasing pain and tension in tight, stressed and aching muscles, with pressure adjusted to your preference, helping you getting a better posture and releasing deep muscle pain.

Swedish massage (45’ / 60’ / 90′- 40€ / 55€ /75€) – is an ideal treatment for those who do massage for the first time and it’s designed to relieve body tension, to calm the mind from stress and thoughts and nourishing the soul, leaving you contented and serene.

Sports massage (45’ / 60’ / 90′ – 40€ / 55€ /75€ ) – is a type of therapeutic massage for those who spend long time in the gym. We use strong healing pressure that is both effective and relaxing, restoring healthy muscle function, and relieving pain and encourage the removal of lactic acid.

Couple massage (60’ / 90’  – 100 € / 150 €) – gives you the opportunity to share the relaxation with your partner or friends at the same time. Choose any treatment you want and let us take you both on a journey of relaxation and tranquility.

Alexandra Signature massage (60’ / 90’/ 120’ – 60 € / 90 € /100 €) – an amazing deep healing treatment that combines Swedish massage, along with deep tissue, foot reflexology, face and head massage leaving your body and mind in complete relaxation.

4 hands massage (30’ / 60’ – 60 € / 100 €) – is a unique type of massage that will send you away from the stress of modern life will relax and restore the balance and serenity of your body, soul and spirit with a unique type of massage performed by 2 massage therapists with synchronized technical movements.

Reflexology (30’ – 25 €) –suitable for feet massage lovers, it stimulates nerve function, increases energy, boosts circulation, induces a deep state of relaxation, eliminates toxins, stimulates the central nervous system, preventing migraines and helping relieve sleep.

Lymphatic drainage (60’ – 55 €) – ideal after traveling by plane or car, or from cold to warm countries, is a form of gentle massage that reduces water retention, boosts weight loss, fights cellulite, giving a light body feeling.

Indian head massage (30’ – 30 €) – is a neck, shoulders, head and face massage treatment that uses Ayurveda Indian special oils, which will put your mind in a deep state of relaxation, reducing insomnia, headaches and sinus problems.

Back and neck massage (30’ – 30 €) – suitable for those who work sitting and are willing to improve the posture, increase joint mobility and release the muscle tension from the neck, shoulders, arms and back.

Aphrodite’s facial massage (30’ – 30€ ) – is a natural facial mask and massage that uses lifting techniques which will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, offering to your skin a nice feeling and rejuvenation appearance.

      Prices for massages outside Argostoli

We are happy to come to you at your holiday villa, apartment or hotel all around Kefalonia.

We offer mobile services all around Kefalonia island including both the south and the north side (Assos, Fiskardo) as well as Lixouri.

We add a fee per person, depending on the distance.

0-15 km from Argostoli – 10 euros more

15-30 km from Argostoli – 20 euros more

30-45 km from Argostoli – 30 euros more

45-60 km from Argostoli – 40 euros more  minimum 3 hours/persons).